History and Benefits of Turkish Delight

History and Benefits of Turkish Delight

Turkish Delight is one of the desserts that people have enjoyed since ancient times. Back then, an Ottoman Sultan was tired of hard candies, so that different flavors were sought and delighted for him.

Turkish delight, which has been developed in many ways since ancient times, is still widely consumed today. Many of delights consumed with the purpose of sweet, in fact, causes great benefits for the human body. In Turkish delight, especially pistachios, walnuts, hazelnuts and many additional materials are used for its great flavour.

Many people think that powdered sugar is added to taste and flavor the delight, in fact this is not the case at all. The powdered sugars used on Turkish Delights ensure that there is no dust on them. Thus, the delighted marshmallows do not attract dust in the air while serving.In this case, it is actually very important in terms of hygiene.

This process is provided by coconut which serves the same function and adds different flavors at the same time.

Turkish delight was first produced in 1777 by Hacı Bekir Efendi in the Ottoman Empire. For this reason, this great flavor is generally known as Hacı Bekir Turkish Delight.

Turkish Delight provides many benefits to the human body. In particular, these benefits are very important;

  • Turkish delight has great effects in kidney diseases. How this happens is a matter of curiosity, but the answer is quite simple. Delight is made of water, sugar and starch. The proteins contained in these materials have positive effects on kidney
  • Centuries ago, the Turkish delight was first made of rose and lemon. It was used in alternative medicine and served to special guests along with coffee. Turkish delight is particularly good for digestive problems. For the indigestion problem after excessive food consumption, experts recommend the consumption of the delight made with coconut.
  • Turkish Delight prevents many problems by increasing blood levels in humans. It has a very nutritious feature with the carbohydrate it contains. Therefore, it’s a great source of energy.
  • Thanks to the high fiber content, Turkish delight is an ideal food for those who are on a As it contains rich substances, it renews the energy amount of the body.
  • Thanks to the materials used in, the protein-rich delight provides bone development and muscle strengthening. In fact, 4 Turkish delight consumed per day meets 25 percent of the daily protein requirement.

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