«Fond of Quality»: Everything you need to know about the national Azerbaijani brand Xurcun

«Fond of Quality»: Everything you need to know about the national Azerbaijani brand Xurcun

Xurcun is an Azerbaijani national premium brand founded by Vugar Maharramov in 2015 and today is a rapidly growing chain of boutiques selling organic dried fruits, nuts, exotic teas and sweets.

“As a true Azerbaijani patriot when I started to work on the idea and concept of Xurcun, my first goal was not only to create a high quality brand, distinguished by the best taste and natural products, but also worthily to represent Azerbaijan that has a centuries-old history and rich culture both in motherland and beyond its borders.

I am very glad that I finally achieved my goal. Today, Xurcun creates a certain cultural value through special designs and various exclusive products combining different tastes from all over the world,” says Vugar Maharramov.

As a perfect example of his words is the fact that 10 Xurcun boutiques opened in 5 years. You can get acquainted with all the addresses and contacts of Xurcun brand in Baku by clicking on the link. Note that soon the national brand will be officially represented abroad.

The popularity of the brand is also evidenced by the fact that Baku residents, in search of a tasty and identifiable gift with Azerbaijan for foreign friends, always look at Xurcun boutiques before traveling abroad. The same is done by foreign tourists, who have become regular customers of the network, taking with them a particle of Azerbaijan in the form of delicious premium-class products presented in Xurcun.

While talking about the brand, it is necessary to emphasize the stylish and memorable packaging products, the design of which uses symbols of Azerbaijan and Baku, such as pomegranate, Maiden’s tower, Flame Towers, etc.

“Narli” paintings by artist Hamida Malikova dedicated to Azerbaijan are used in the series of packages of the “Xurcun” products.

Paintings and patents were acquired by Vugar Maharramov.

“The success of the Xurcun brand is associated with the highest quality products and, of course, with the fact that the brand is national and has Azerbaijani roots , which are reflected in it.

I always proudly emphasize the fact that Xurcun is a national brand, one of the main goals of which is to represent Azerbaijan worthily at the international level.

And we have achieved a lot in this direction. and this is not only a kind of trade for Azerbaijani residents or tourists to export abroad, but also cooperation with government agencies and institutions that always want to see Xurcun at their official events or as souvenir gifts to foreign delegations . I am proud that Xurcun thus adequately represents Azerbaijan and spreads the fame of our glorious Motherland, ” said V. Magerramov , the owner of the chain of boutiques.

«Fond of Quality» – is the slogan that  best describes Xurcun, which stands out in the Azerbaijani market for its incredible taste, organic naturalness and the highest quality products. It should be noted that it was  Xurcun which brought the sale of dried fruits and nuts to a premium level first not only in Azerbaijan, but also throughout the world.

“The brand is constantly evolving and expanding. It also makes me feel happier. Our stores have a wide range of natural products. But along with all of these, our boutiques will also have chocolates that will be released under the Xurcun brand. In the very near future, the assortment of premium quality chocolates will decorate the shelves of all our boutiques, ” says Vugar Maharramov.

Vugar Magerramov touched upon the Xurcun pricing policy: “Many people consider our brand to be expensive, but this is fundamentally not so. We are responsible for the quality of each product presented on our shelves. For example, if we talk about almonds or walnuts, then each of them is selected and sorted by hand. Even though, it can be sounded far from modesty, I’d like to note that its basis is perfect.

Our products do not differ in color, odor or size – do not contain any cracks or any other damage. You will not find anything like this in ordinary stores, only at Xurcun. Simply, once becoming a customer at Xurcun, you will be impressed not only by the taste of our products, but also their high quality. The price of the products in our network correspond to their high quality which is impossible to say when buying dried fruits and nuts in stores or at bazaars. ”

The products at  Xurcun are organic and natural, and therefore beneficial for the body, as they provide it with the necessary vitamins, protect immune system and increase its resistance to harmful environmental influences.  It should be noted that Xurcun also offers gluten free products. Currently, it is halva, but in the future it is planned to increase the gluten -free line network.

Keeping up to date and following innovations, the national brand Xurcun launched mobile applications for IOS and ANDROID thanks to Brandonline technology, successfully entering the online commerce market, thus becoming even closer to customers who can complete an order with a few clicks.

It is worth noting the loyalty program in relation to regular customers who are given a discount of 5 to 15%.
Official site – https://www.xurcun.az/

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– Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/xurcun/

Contact numbers: +994777170070; +994502121311 (for corporate orders).

Email Address – info@xurcun.az