Did you choose your Bairam gifts?

Did you choose your Bairam gifts?

Here are some holiday gift ideas to make your loved ones smile!

Bairams are special days that we are happy to celebrate.

For us, bairams are the best times spent with large families at perfect dining tables, meals, desserts and pleasant conversations.

These are the special days for sharing happiness and love together.

You may take a look at our article for great gift ideas in these beautiful times where you can enjoy being together.


Bairam Desserts

One of the best answer to the question of what can I get as a holiday gift is dessert.

You can order sweets like pakhlava to add taste to the holidays of your loved ones. They ones will be very happy with this surprise. https://www.xurcun.az/en/category/paket/




Create your own gift pack

Our festive gift pack options are so many that you can find the most suitable one for the taste of the person you love.

You can fill our gift packs whether with luxury nuts, luxury dried fruits or even turkish delights.




Flowers for Bairam

Also a nice bairam gifts that will express your wishes in the most sincere way are flowers.

First you need to decide whether to send a bouquet or a salon flower.

We suggest you to send them a flower that will make your loved ones smile.

A flower that can be displayed to the guests from the most beautiful corner of their home.


Home gifts for Bairam

How good is it to present your loved ones a sytlish coffee cup to drink together in the coming days?

An elegant and authentic coffee cup and a note “We will drink coffee together at the next bairam” written next to the cup can be quite effective to make them happy.

We wish you to have nice bairam that you will always feel your loved ones with you on this special day… Eid Mubarak!