Delicious Dried Fruit Bars

Delicious Dried Fruit Bars

Dried Fruits are among the snacks we all love. Below are some advices about these wonderful snacks we can easily put in our bags and take everywhere we go. We all know and enjoy chocolate bars. Now, we made these bars with dried fruits, which are not only healthy but also filling. The result will win your heart.

Here is the recipe of these healthy snacks that can be consumed before a workout or used to boost your mood together with a cup of coffee during a lunch break.


3 cups oat

2 tablespoons Xurcun dried cherry

2 tablespoons Xurcun raisin

2 tablespoons Xurcun dried strawberry

1/2 cup hazelnut

4 tablespoons grape molasses

2 tablespoons honey


Place all ingredients into your food processor. Mix until the ingredients are blended together. Give the resulting dough a rectangular shape. Bake at 150 oC in a preheated oven for 15 minutes.

Bon Appetit!

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