A Tale of Taste and Scent: Xurcun Jasmine Tea

A Tale of Taste and Scent: Xurcun Jasmine Tea

Jasmine, with its white flowers having a very nice scent, is one of the most preferred herbal teas in the world. The base tea leaves are blended with jasmine flowers and a subtly sweet and highly fragrant flavour is obtained. Jasmine Tea has also numerous positive effects on the human body. Let’s have a closer look at these benefits.

Benefits of Jasmine Tea

Always Stay Young with Xurcun Jasmine Tea

Jasmine is one of the top antioxidant plants and it helps the regeneration process of damaged cells. Jasmine tea is not only anti-aging but also alleviates your soul and invites you to inner peace and calmness.

Lose Weight in a Healthy Manner with Xurcun Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is one of the most ideal herbal teas to lose weight. Thanks to its antioxidant characteristic, it allows you to lose weight in a fast and healthy manner as well as to maintain your ideal weight.

Put an End to Pains with Xurcun Jasmine Tea

Besides its psychological benefits, Jasmin Tea has numerous positive physical effects that cannot be ignored. A hot jasmine tea after a hard workday or a heavy workout will immediately relieve you from muscle and joint pains.

Reduce Your Stress with Xurcun Jasmine Tea

Jasmine tea is one of the best things that will relax you after a tiring day thanks to its stress reducing feature. A cup of jasmine tea will bring you both physical and spiritual peace.

How to Prepare Jasmine Tea in the Most Delicious Way?

  • 1 clove
  • 4 cups hot water
  • 1 tablespoon dried orange peel
  • 1 tablespoon honey
  • 1 tablespoon Xurcun Jasmine Tea

Boil water, clove and orange peel for 5 minutes over medium heat. Then remove from the stove and leave to rest for 3 minutes. After resting, strain, add honey and mix. Put Xurcun Jasmine Tea into the teacups, pour hot water and wait until jasmine tea completely releases its aroma.

Bon Appetit!

As Xurcun, we wish you days as sweet as jasmine.